Inter-Provincial Flower Market

Inter-Provincial Flower Market was established by a group of flower growers whose mission was and still is to offer flower shops and garden centers the widest selection of products on the Canadian market. We prioritize local producers for our cut flowers, potted flowering plants, tropical plants and accessories, but also have foreign suppliers, carefully selected for their reliability and quality products.

Today, Inter-Provincial Flower Market offers retailers a conventional ordering system as well as a proven auction system inspired by European models in use for many decades. Each member of the team at Inter-Provincial Flower Market has years of experience in the horticulture industry and is committed to providing customers with sound advice about products, procurement and logistics.

Focused on the future

Firmly focused on the future, Inter-Provincial Flower Market is currently developing a Web-based sales platform that will meet, and exceed, our customers’ needs.

The new platform to be launched by the end of 2022, will be accessible on a computer or mobile device and will offer the following functions:

  • Complete product line
  • Real-time online auctions
  • Continuous pre-ordering and procurement services
  • Secure online payment
  • A detailed information library on all products

Additionally, with customer-specific access, you get:

  • Your order history
  • Purchase statistics
  • Automated order and delivery confirmations
  • Email or SMS notifications of seasonal promotions

A short history

The Inter-Provincial Flower Market was founded in 1972 by a group of Canadian flower growers wanting to promote their merchandise and to give retailers easy access to local horticulture products. They selected, and continue to use, a business model inspired by Dutch auctions, forerunners in the industry since the 17th century. Inter-Provincial Flower Market was an instant success. It had to begin importing to ensure a stable year-round supply and to offer a wider variety of products.

From the beginning, Inter-Provincial Flower Market has prided itself on listening to its customers’ needs. At one point, we even auctioned pumpkins, apples and live turkeys for Thanksgiving! Proof that nothing stands in the way of enterprising entrepreneurs who are attentive to their customers’ suggestions.